Our Mothers Mate Doula Services

“Your support to both of us and your presence allowed us to experience a natural birth and give Mia a truly wonderful start to life. A fantastic experience.”

“Thank you so much for all your help with both the pregnancy and birth of baby Lily. The birth was everything we had hoped for and your presence made a definite difference to both my partner and me. It was great to have someone there who knew the ropes and was such a calming influence.”

“Thank you for supporting us through Felix’s birth. You were so strong and patient just when we needed it, but reassuring and gentle as well. You made the memory of Felix’s birth very special.”

“As for the birth you were wonderful, I am still absolutely thrilled that I was able to have the water birth that I so wanted, and that I managed without drugs….so much of it was down to you and your support.”

“Having you with us during the labour and birth of our precious daughter was a truly amazing experience. Your support and encouragement kept us going.”

“It was wonderful to have you at the birth, and you have made every stage so much easier for all of us. From helping us to sort out the tongue tie to providing us with a pump and helping us to use it successfully. Thank you so much.”